About the app

Personalised encouragement

Evy Gruyaert coaches you and cheers you on during your training session and helps you successfully complete every session.

GPS tracking

During your running sessions, Evy tells you how far and how fast you have run. After each session, you can check your route on the map.

Training journal

Every training session is stored in the app’s history and can be consulted afterwards.

App Main Features

Determine your heart rate zones

To optimize your training sessions, you can have the app determine various heart rate zones. Start your session and run in the indicated heart rate zones.

Your favorite music

Select your favorite playlist and decide which music to listen to during your session.

Running programs for every level

Programs for 5km, 10 km, half marathon and marathon.

Stretching exercises

You can use these stretching exercises following each training run. A good stretch exercise elongates your muscles and reduces the risk of injuries. Never stretch with bouncing movements!

Core Stability exercises

Combine your running training with these core stability exercises. These exercises strengthen your core stability and reduce the risk of injuries. Training your core muscles strengthens your complete body, and you create a good body posture. Roll out your mat today!


Select “Start training” in the menu. The blue bar at the bottom offers you the choice between:

- Free training or following a training from a running plan

- Which playlist from your own music library do you wish to hear during your run

Click the ‘play’ button to commence training. Then wait for the GPS signal and the instructions from Evy before starting your training.

Select “Running plans” in the menu. You require points to purchase a running plan. You can purchase these points by selecting the “Purchase points” column in the menu.

After purchasing the necessary points, these will be added to your account. With these points you can purchase a running plan of your choice.

If you do not have a credit card connected to your App Store account, please send a mail to start2run@energylab.be. We will then provide extra details for payment via wire transfer.

Yes! Every time you have fully completed a training from a training plan you will be awarded 4 extra points. You will therefore notice that your total amount of points also increases after every completed training from a training plan. Rewards for those who don´t give up!

At the start screen of a training it is possible to select your playlist at the bottom in the blue bar. These playlists are taken from your smartphone´s own music library.
Tip: create various playlists for your runs so that you can always enjoy your favourite music.

You can decide if you want to run on heart rate or feeling by adjusting the item in the “Settings” menu. If you decide to run on heart rate, then you must determine your heart rate zones in your profile page. The app calculates your personal training zones based on your maximum heart rate and your resting heart rate.

Running on heart rate means that you must wear a heart rate meter. The heart rate cannot yet be directly accessed on your smartphone. Therefore you must wear both your heart rate band and watch.

Please note: in the running plan: 'your first 5 km' no heart rate zones are entered because we only refer to walking/running. Within the other running plans you can select (heart rate / feeling).

Select “Profile” in the menu. On this page you can enter both your resting heart rate as well as your maximum heart rate. The app automatically calculates your personal heart rate zones on the basis of these parameters. These heart rate zones are subsequently automatically imported into your training plan.

This occurs because you have entered the incorrect weight on your profile page. In the menu select your "profile" and enter your correct weight.

Your name is pronounced based on your first name that we get from the log in data. If this is not the case it means that your name is currently not provided in our app. If you would like this you can submit your name via start2run@energylab.be. Then we can provide this with a subsequent audio recording!

If your application gets stuck, it is very important that you send the crash report to the Google play store or the Apple store. This will allow us to solve the possible problems that some users encounter in a subsequent update from the App. Also contact us via our contact form and try to answer the questions below:

What is your smartphone type?

What is your operating system?

What is your username?

Were you logged in when closing the app? Via Facebook or your own account?

Did you claim a voucher?

Did you purchase points?

Currently an Android version of 2.3 or higher is required to be able to use the app. The fact that there is great demand for devices with an older version of the Android operating system means we are currently busy making the app available for lower versions of the operating system. Therefore regularly check the updates!

It depends on the chosen training plan. Each plan consists of various weeks, and 3 - 5 training sessions are provided each week. Three training days a week are sufficient in the start plans. Keep planning in a rest day at the start, and opt for two rest days when you have the feeling that you have not fully recovered from the previous training session.

The app includes training plans for beginning and advanced runners. We start with the build up to the first 5km, and advise after this first 5km to follow the plans for beginners and first to increase your distance before working on speed. The plans for advanced runners are more focused on increasing your speed when you are accustomed to a certain distance. With every training plan, you will find an information icon on the left hand side that provides additional information on the starting conditions. With this you can decide which training plan is suitable for you.

The app is available in Dutch, French, German and English. Changing the language is only possible by deleting the app and downloading it again (free download) from the App Store. When you log in with your personal login (e-mail address or Facebook login), you maintain your history, saved points and training plans.

Yes, that it possible. Load Spotify or your other music player first, and then the Evy app. Your music will be played slightly quieter when Evy wants to say something, and returns to the normal volume when Evy does not say anything.

Prior to your start, you can check the general settings of your smartphone to ensure your app has been granted access to your GPS. Open from the general settings of your smartphone the Start 2 Run app and check which access has been granted.

Only start the app when you are outside, to ensure that your smartphone has a good and stable GPS reception. Run the app actively in the foreground. Sometimes it can help to switch off the Wi-Fi.
For Android it is also important that you adjust your telephone location to great accuracy for GPS, Wi-Fi and internet in the general settings menu of your phone.

When you can no longer log in with Facebook, go the general settings menu of your phone and select the ‘Facebook’ app. Here you can see which have access to your Facebook account. Click the access for Start 2 Run off and then on again.

The login in the app is case sensitive, and may not contain any spaces. We advise you not to make use of the suggestion prompted by your telephone when you enter your e-mail address. This can sometimes namely contain a space behind your e-mail address, which prevents you from logging in. Type your e-mail address in manually, and be aware of possible capitals.
If you still cannot log in, let us know at start2run@energylab.be and we will search for you in the general database. Please state your email address and full name here.

After completion of your training, do you have the feeling that your distance ran is incorrect? Check what the app registered by clicking on the icon with the map (top right) in your training overview. This icon displays the route of the completed training. If you notice that there are sudden peaks in your course, it could be that your smartphone was connecting with another Wi-Fi network at that moment. In that case turn off your Wi-Fi prior to commencing training. You only require an internet connection when starting a training and when you wish to save the training.

No, no data is used during the training. You only need an internet connection when starting a training and at the end when you wish to save your training data.
So you can also take the app when travelling, if you wish to use the Wi-Fi in your hotel to start and save your training.

No, your data will be stored in a separate database. You can install the app on your new telephone and log in with the same data. In this way you save your history, purchased training plans and acquired points.

The playlist in the app is synchronised with your iTunes account. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Create a new playlist, or select a current playlist and synchronise it with your iPhone. This allows the playlist to also be available in the app.

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